LionMarkets is a SCAM!!!

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Mark asked 3 months ago

My name is Mark.
I wanted to warn all potential traders. Do NOT trust!!!
These guys are SCAMMERS!. First, they applied bonuses without letting me know and then they refused to approve my withdrawal. It’s been 4 months since I started my battle with them. At some point I lost my patience and started submitting my story on all review websites. Right after that they responded and asked me to remove my reviews so that they could give me my money back/ I was naive again and did as they asked. They partially returned my money two months ago and since then I cannot reach them. They just ignore me.
They are SCAMMERS!

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Emma Douglas answered 2 months ago

Hi Mark,  
Have you been able to get the rest of your money back?  Have you considered regulatory agencies for help?
Sorry you are going through all this.