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Noah asked 9 months ago


I came across a new trading software called WikiTrader, and it looks interesting. I have never traded binary options before and it seems that they do all the work for you.

Does anyone else have experience using this software, and does it really make money like it says it does?

Any feedback on WikiTrader would be greatly appreciated.



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2 Answers
Scam Option Brokers Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Noah,

You definitely came to the right place if you want to find out the truth about Kelley Wallace and the WikiTrader software.

You must understand that trading binary options should only happen at a licensed binary options exchange or with a regulated broker. Go look at the best brokers page.

If you want to see which auto trading software is most popular you can find an updated list here.

Take a minute and read the more detailed review of Wikitrader here.

Scam Option Brokers Staff answered 8 months ago

On Dec 10th, WikiTrader became the most popular software on Clicksure.
Can’t wait to see how long that lasts. Where do you think WikiTrader will be in 2017.