Is RIMarkets a Scam or a Good Forex Broker?

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Scott asked 2 weeks ago

Hi People,

Can anyone verify for me if this broker RIMarkets is a good broker that makes money, or just another scam.

I used to have an account with OTCapital, and then I received a phone call about investing with a broker RIMarkets. They said that they have experience managing money, and they can get me good returns on my investment.

I checked the ASIC register and could not find the company RI Markets listed.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.



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Scam Trading Brokers answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Scott,
This broker is based in the Marshal Islands, which means that they are not regulated and not authorised by ASIC.
As an Australian, you should only use a broker that holds an Australian forex brokers licensed like TradeFred or EasyMarkets.

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