Do You Think OptionPlug is a Scam?

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Wael asked 10 months ago

Hi, Sorry to bother you,

I was approached by Fred Wilbur on Facebook for binary trading. He will manage the account and he wants me to open account with Optionplug. I just need your expertise if they are legit or a scam.

When I signed up for OptionPlug, I received a welcome email from CitiTrade24, which looks like the same website.

Thank you in advance.


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Scam Trading Brokers answered 10 months ago

Hi Wael,
OptionPlug and CitiTrade24 are not licensed by the FCA in United Kingdom or by ASIC in Australia.
They listed on their website 2 addresses, but a phone number in the United States.
Corner of Pitt and Hunter Streets, NSW 2000, Sydney.
170 Dowanhill St, Glasgow G12 9EQ, United Kingdom.
1 (815) 414 7071
Smart people only trading binary options with a licensed and regulated broker.

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Michael Freeman trading answered 5 months ago

Admin, this is a fake information. Optionplug is NOT a scam. No one has reported that they were scammed. I did my research and found out that they are legitimate.

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