Are Axe Options and K2 Investing Scams?

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Justin asked 1 year ago

Has anyone heard of either of these companies?

Axe Options definitely seems like a scam.  They put $2500 in my account and told me I needed to deposit $500 then I could begin trading with the full amount.  They also assured me that they were not a scam which pretty much screams scam.

But K2 Investing hasn’t done anything suspicious but I can’t find any information about them other than their own website.

Again, this is a red flag.

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Scam Trading Brokers answered 1 year ago

Hi Justin,
Neither one of them has a license, so you shouldn’t use them. There is no reason to trade at a broker that is not licensed, look at the brokers here:
Best regards

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Scam Trading Brokers answered 1 year ago

You can read a review of K2Investing here:

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Robert Love answered 1 year ago

Yeah don’t do business with Axe Options. One of their brokers used to work with Janus Options who recently closed shop, along with taking with them my $20K+ account balance…

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