Am I am being scammed by OptionKing?

Investors & Traders ForumAm I am being scammed by OptionKing?
Kevin asked 2 years ago

I have an account with I am working with Maxwell Goldberg.

I have $37,000 in my account and to withdraw it, they first asked me to pay a tax of 10%.

I sent them $2,600.00 and they never wired my money they are saying I need to pay another $800 .n fees to complete the wire transfer.

Who can I turn to and what recourse do I have?


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Scam Trading Brokers answered 2 years ago

It says here ( that they are not a licensed broker.

Scam Trading Brokers answered 1 year ago

It looks like the OptionKing website is dead, and another scam broker is gone.

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