High Speed Option Trading

High Speed Option Trading

When the CBOE first listed Weekly Options a few years back everyone thought; Wow, those options expire quickly! Now there is a new product which expires in 60 seconds and they are called binary options!

This is the best way to describe binary option trading.

Friend: Do you think Oil is going up or down?

Me: Looks like its going UP.

Friend: Thanks, I just made $70.

Me: What do you mean?

Friend: Well I bought a binary call option and I make 70% return just by picking up or down.

Me: It is that easy?

Friend: Yup, Just Like That!

Read the Binary Option Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about regulated and licensed brokers.

Have a look at the various licensed binary option brokers on the Binary Options Exchange, and read comprehensive reviews and reports of brokers on the Broker Investigator. Binary Option traders have many brokers to choose from and a variety of binary option platforms that the brokers software is based on. View the differences between binary option platforms here.

The way binary option trading works is for traders who do not want to buy and hold but rather make a quick trade, and get in and out in only 60 seconds. The great thing with binary options is the payout. A trader can decide to invest $100 and make a 70%, 80% or 90% return one minute later. The down side is, if you are wrong you lose the entire $100.

There almost 300 binary option brokers operating today. Learn more at the Binary Option Brokers Association.