Best Forex & Coin Brokers

Which broker is the best place to trade Forex, Binary Options, CFDs and Bitcoin? This will depend on a few factors.

95% of binary option brokers are scams, 50% of Forex brokers are frauds, and if you invest there, you will never see your money again!

The best Forex brokers are all licensed and regulated by a governments financial regulator. None of the best brokers will promise you high returns, and none of them will manage your money for you. To make choosing a broker easier, we will keep this list to only the most popular brokers today.

Best Forex Brokers


24option is a very popular Forex broker licensed in Europe by CySEC. Try a Free Demo Account on their unique user friendly trading platform, see here.

Crypto Currency traders enjoy their “Mini Contracts” for Bitcoin which starts at $100, look here.

CM Trading Forex Brokers

CM Trading is a South African licensed Forex Broker. They offer investors the Sirix trading platform, plus they have Copy Trading, see here.


eToro is a broker which launched a Crypto Fund a few months ago, and had returns of 89% in December, look here.

Their minimum deposit for a trading account is $1,000. See more at:

These are not recommendations, but simply a list of the best brokers, based on accurate and up to date information we have received from active investors and traders.