Best Binary Options Brokers

Who are the best binary options brokers for trading legally? That will depend on a few factors.

The way we came up with this list of best binary brokers was determined by a combination of many factors.

This includes;

  • a brokers licenses
  • popularity of the broker
  • the trading platform software
  • the brokers customer service
  • traders complaints

To make choosing a broker easier, we will keep this list to a maximum of the 5 best binary brokers.

Brokers For Americans

Nadex is your only choice for a CFTC regulated binary options exchange. Their platform is very advanced, so it is worthwhile starting with their free demo account.

Simply put, Nadex is the best place for Americans to trade binary options, go visit

Dinero Libre (read review) is a Central / South American binary options broker, which is popular with traders using the software from

These are not recommendations, but simply a list of best brokers, based on information we gathered from traders.

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